Home Study and Post Release Services (HS/PRS) Program

Join our HSPRS team at the IRC and make a difference.

What is the HSPRS Program? 

Unaccompanied Children in Need: Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children seek refuge in the United States annually, escaping instability and violence in places such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. These vulnerable children are released from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) custody into the care of sponsors—often relatives or friends already living in the U.S.

Navigating a New World: Facing a challenging transition, these children must adapt to new communities, cultures, languages, and family dynamics. Their mental health, safety, education, and legal needs are critical. 

IRC’s Role: This is where the IRC comes in to provide essential support in two different areas:
  1. Home Study (HS): Before the child arrives, we visit the sponsor’s home, interview household members, and ensure a safe placement. We guide sponsors in their responsibility to promote the child’s safety, rights, and needs.
  2. Post Release Services (PRS): Once the child is with their sponsor, IRC caseworkers create an action plan. IRC provides case management and connects children and their sponsors to educational, legal, medical care, mental health services. Regular check-ins ensure the child’s well-being and progress.

Why HSPRS at the IRC? 

  • With a nearly 10-year record of HSPRS implementation and our history and reputation as the leading service provider for refugees, asylum seekers, trafficking survivors and other vulnerable immigrants, IRC brings a unique capacity to scale and deliver high-quality HS/PRS nationwide.
  • We are actively growing our presence from six to 20 sites, aiming to address specific needs and service gaps. That means there's plenty of growth opportutunities within the IRC as we scale and grow to help even more clients in need of support. 
  • A multi-tiered management structure at the IRC means quality, control, and accountability at the national, regional and local levels, ensuring that our team has the support and organizational structure to do their best work. Our team also listens and draws upon our local case management teams' extensive knowledge, experience, and relationships in local communities which allows for a continuous feedback loop of proper support and structure for the program and our staff. 

Why the IRC? 

  • Opportunity to be part of a dynamic, mission-driven team and a culture that supports diversity, with a network of 22,000 professionals across the globe. 
  • We offer sector-leading comprehensive benefits, including generous retirement matching, healthcare coverage, PTO and more. 
  • At the IRC, we prioritize the professional development of our staff. Employees benefit from an extensive selection of courses facilitated through esteemed platforms such as Cornell, edX Program, and access to 450 Ivy League courses, either complimentary or at a fraction of the cost.
  • Staff members have the opportunity to engage in programs such as Temporary Transfer Assignments (TTA), enabling employees to explore alternative roles or programs for a defined period without compromising their current positions and fostering career advancement opportunities within the organization.

IRC Employee Benefits & Resources 

Our sector-leading, comprehensive benefits offer our staff the support, freedom and flexibility, enabling them to do their best work.
Mental Health Support
Free & private consultation and counseling sessions offered in multiple languages to assist you with managing any work or personal related concerns, such as stress and building resiliency through our EARP program. 
Retirement Matching
Generous retirement plan with employer match up to 4.5%, immedately vested with additional matching options with tenure. 
Personal Development
We offer both online & in-person learning courses & programs including manager and leadership development, with extensive selection of courses faclitated through esteemed platforms and Ivy league universities. Our robust internal mobility prorgam includes temporary transfer assignments (TTA) where employees can explore roles in and across our organization globally.
Generous PTO & Holidays
Paid time off including generous vacation (20 days), sick days (10 days), parental & adoption leave, disability and holidays (10 days). 

Learn more about our roles

Senior Caseworker

Responsible for assessing safety, developing strength-based service plan, providing psychoeducation, developing safety plans where needed, ongoing assessment and referring and connecting children to community based services.

Crisis Case Manager

Supports our high risk, most vulnerable clients. Works actively with local agencies and our clinical management team to provide comprehensive support. 

Casework Supervisor

Supervises Senior Caseworkers and Crisis Case managers. They ensure HSPRS program success by driving operational excellence, working closely with Regional and HQ leadership and program stakeholders.

What our employees are saying

"During my two months at the IRC, I have encountered staff from many different backgrounds and cultures. I've enjoyed meeting staff that reflect our clients and can relate to the difficult work we do every day. My favorite part of working with HSPRS has been witnessing the case workers successfully connect clients to resources and services in their area and supporting sponsors."
Arielle - Casework Supervisor
"I have really enjoyed experiencing and learning about so many different cultures. I have found immense fulfillment in the meaningful work we do to support immigrant families and individuals in need. One of the aspects of my role that brings me great satisfaction is the tangible impact I can make in the daily lives of these immigrant families. Being a son of two immigrant parents, I know the importance of able to aid, support and provide resources to individuals who are navigating challenging circumstances. In a way I feel as if I am paying it forward, witnessing the positive changes and improvements in the lives of those we serve reaffirms my commitment to the mission and values of the IRC."
Brandon - Senior Case Worker
"What I love most about working at the IRC is that they have worked hard to be diverse, inclusive, and empowering for us as a team. Working with unaccompanied minors and their families, I enjoy that I am part of a team that advocates for their needs and helps connect them to resources within their community. While we work in a challenging and often difficult environment, I feel very much supported by my supervisors and peers and everyone on the team has made a difference. I appreciate that the IRC is a mission-driven, humanitarian, and agile organization that values diversity, curiosity, and care."
Yacob - Crisis Case Manager
"During my time at the IRC, I have deeply appreciated the organization's commitment to ongoing learning and development, which enables us to effectively serve diverse populations. Working with Unaccompanied Minors and their families has been particularly rewarding, and I consider it a privilege to contribute to their well-being. One aspect of my role that I hold dear is the opportunity to collaborate with experts from various disciplines within the IRC. This exposure has been instrumental in my professional growth, allowing me to expand my knowledge and skills significantly."
Krystal - Regional Director

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