How we work
The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. Established in 1933, Albert Einstein helped found the organization that became the International Rescue Committee. 

Today we work in over 50 crisis affected countries, bringing ingenuity, fortitude and optimism to making a lasting impact for the people we serve. We arrive at the onset of crisis and aim to stay as long as we are needed. The IRC provides health care, helps children learn and empowers individuals and communities to become self-reliant always with a focus on the unique needs of women and girls.
Our primary focus is consistently delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. We achieve this through our comprehensive
Crisis Response Recovery and Development (CRRD) programs, which enable us to provide effective support during times of crisis. 
Additionally, our dedicated efforts in Resettlement, Asylum and Integration (RAI), ensure smooth transitions and successful integration for individuals seeking refuge in new communities. 

Crisis Response Recovery and Development

Our CRRD work is built upon three essential pillars, each crucial to our mission. 

Technical Excellence is the IRC's brain trust and supports country programs and IRC colleagues to design and deliver a high quality programs. 

Program Delivery collaboratively leads the work of our country teams to deliver high quality programs, resulting in positive outcomes for clients within the unique contexts of each region and country. 

Lastly, our 
Emergencies and Humanitarian Action Unit employs an innovative, systematic approach to analyzing and responding to the world's most pressing emergencies. 
Resettlement, Asylum and Integration
  In RAI, our focus is on helping clients resettle, recover and regain control of their futures. Across RAI program and country offices, key programs and services we offer to clients and communities include: 

Resettlement and Assistance of refugees, humanitarian parolees, special immigrant visa holders and other clients in new communities. 

Economic Empowerment for clients to rebuild their lives and gain financial independence.  

Health and Wellness programing that promotes ease of access to health care for both physical and psychological needs. 

Women's Protection and Empowerment programs ensures refugee and immigrant women and girls are safe, healthy, educated, economically well, and have the power to contribute to a society where they are valued, have equal access to opportunity, and live free from violence. 

Education and Youth program provides educational and developmental opportunities that build essential academic, personal and social skills. 

Emergency Response programing supporting various communities, including asylum seekers around the world. 
Our work is sustained by key internal functions that include: 

  • General Counsel's Office 
  • Finance and Internal Audit 
  • People and Culture 
  • Operations and Strategy
  • External Relations 
  • Awards Management Unit 
  • Airbel Impact Lab: Research and Innovation  
  • IRC Europe 
  • President's Office 
Our organization is led by our President and CEO and the Leadership Board who lead the strategy and implementation of our work worldwide. 
They are supported by the senior leaders group, country directors and executive directors who implement programs across geographic regions. 
All of our work is in service to our clients’ health, safety, education, economic well-being and power and underpinned by our values of
service, integrity, accountability and equality.