​​​​​​​IRC Organizational Culture

In 1933, a small group of humanitarians led by Albert Einstein banded together to help Europeans fleeing persecution. It was the birth of what would become the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Nearly a century later, we're making an impact for people affected by conflict and disaster in over 50 countries.

The IRC Way

The IRC Way describes the core values that unite us as an organization – it’s how we show up as a collective unit.

Our code of conduct is founded upon the IRC’s four core values: Integrity, Service, Accountability and Equality. These values and undertakings unite IRC staff around the world and keep our programs firmly directed toward the well-being of our clients while meeting the expectations of our donors as responsible stewards of their resources. 

Embracing Integrity, we uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct. Service drives us to consistently and responsibly deliver exceptional service for our clients. Accountability ensures we take ownership of our endeavors, always delivering with diligence. Equality means striving for equitable access to opportunities and services for all our clients and colleagues.

When we weave these values into our daily work, we create alignment and build trust with our colleagues, clients, partners and donors.

The IRC Success Model

The IRC Success Model highlights the behaviors important to achieving success here at the IRC. 
We're Receptive
We support open and transparent communication. We encourage respectful dialogues, constructive discussions, and collaboration that leads to creativity and innovation. We create a positive team culture and foster relationships across diverse backgrounds. But that's not all. We also actively seek out and embrace feedback to help fuel our growth.
We're Resourceful
We are creative in our approach, even in the face of constraints. We figure out how to get things done, get excited by tough problem-solving and constantly seize opportunities for learning and development. Driven by our culture of innovation, we encourage our staff to contribute imaginative ideas to help us reach more people with more impact.
We're Resilient
We juggle multiple tasks, overcome obstacles and manage a multitude of demands with grace and resiliency. At the same time, we also know the importance of work-life balance and extend that value to both ourselves and our colleagues. Adapting to shifting priorities is critical to ensuring we respond rapidly to emerging crises and meet our clients' evolving needs​​​​​​​.
We Deliver Results
We take accountability of our actions and decisions, ensuring we plan and prioritize effectively to meet our commitments. We are dedicated in delivering high-quality results for our clients, partners, and teammates.
Our Organizational Structure

Our primary focus is consistently delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. Our organization centers around two program units that work together to support our core mission, each tailored to address the unique needs of our clients in helping them survive, recover, and rebuild their lives.

Surrounding our two core program units are nine essential internal business functions that collectively drive our mission forward.

Our Journey Towards Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At the IRC, our diverse clients, partners and staff have the power, voice and agency to shape IRC programs and operations. We strive to ensure that our teams truly reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We understand that issues of systemic inequality are deeply rooted, and recognize that different parts of the world experience these issues in different ways. We actively work to end all forms of systemic discrimination and foster an inclusive working environment where everyone feels respected, heard, valued and supported. 
Taking Action for Change 

Tackling discrimination within the humanitarian sector is not optional. Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion is not just a statement – it is a priority we’re actively fulfilling through investments and concrete actions. We are committed to being client-centered; adopting an intersectional, feminist lens to transform power structure and norms. We strive for an approach centered on decoloniality and accountability, engaging in two-way communications to share power. 

Visit our company Diversity, Equality and Inclusion page to find out some of the steps we've taken. 

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